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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I expect to make?

As a franchisee, your initial investment includes training on how to continually increase your gross revenue as well as your bottom line. Your profitability will vary depending on your resort location, operating costs and your ability to provide top notch customer service to your clients as well as to your guests. There are other factors that will impact your profitability, including your business sense, work ethic, attention to detail and ability to implement strategies provided by your franchisor.

How do I find a location for my resort?

Your franchise team will provide you with a list of things to consider when you look for a location. You will have the most success in finding a location by working with a real estate agent who is familiar with the availability of business space for lease or purchase in your market area. Once you analyze potential resort sites, your franchise team will offer guidance so that the site you select will provide the best opportunity.

How much does it cost to invest in a franchise?

Your franchise investment fee is $25,000. At your request, we are happy to refer you to our team affiliate to help you determine any financing strategies that may be available to you.

Once I am awarded a franchise, how long does it take to open my business?

Six months from the time you sign your franchise agreement.

What is involved in designing and building out the resort?

Resort layout assistance is included in your franchise fee, as well as a detailed set of plans to construct your cabins. You will select a local contractor or cabinet maker to complete the construction of your cabins. If you have skilled experience in construction, constructing your own cabins by following our plans will decrease your startup investment costs.

Is there a royalty fee?

Your franchise royalty fee is 5% monthly after 90 days in operation. This provides ongoing support from your franchise team, including market trend analysis, website maintenance, training and team building opportunities, in-person consultations at your location from your franchise team and continuous development strategies to increase your gross revenue as well as your bottom line.


Expenditure Low High
Initial Fee 25,000 25,000
Training Travel Expenses 1,000 2,500
Build Out/Leasehold Improvements 30,000 75,000
Real Estate Rental & Deposits (3 months) 6,000 9,000
Insurance (3 months) 100 500
Office Equipment 225 1,345
Signage 500 2,000
Grand Opening 200 500
Advertising 50 500
Licensing/Permits 100 600
Opening Inventory of Supplies 500 1,000
Professional Fees 1,000 1,500
Misc. Costs 200 5,000
Additional Funds 5,000 20,000
Total 69,875 144,455

Steps to Becoming a Cozy Cattery® Franchisee

  1. Complete and submit the online Consideration Request Form.
  2. Have a phone interview with a member of our franchise team to discuss your goals.
  3. Provide financing preapproval.
  4. Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  5. Prepare your business plan.
  6. Make resort site selection and set up.
  7. Attend training session.
  8. Prepare for grand opening.
  9. Begin to offer a resort experience to your feline guests!


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To ensure a serene environment for our boarding guests, children are not permitted in the boarding area.